The Cross Lock puzzle 2

The Cross Lock puzzle 2

The forbidden Fruit

The forbidden Fruit

Snake Cube - Small Green

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The Snake Cube is a mechanical puzzle, a chain of 27, connected by an elastic band running through them. The cubelets can rotate freely. The aim of Snake Cube is to arrange the chain in such a way that they will form back to the original cube. Once you unraveled the cube, you will discover the complexity to get it back. You can assemble this Snake Cube over and over, again and again, but it will still be hard to remember the solution. Easily to get addicted into Snake Cube. A great challenge for kids or even adults.


  • Size: 45x45x45mm

  • Material: Beech Wood

  • Chain: 27 cubelets

  • Color: Wood Color & Green


1x    Snake Cube - Small Green

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