S3018H Double Decker Bus

S3018H Double Decker Bus

S3031H The Queen Anne's Revenge(Mini)

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Queen Anne's Revenge was a frigate, most famously used as a flagship by the pirate Blackbeard (Edward Teach).

She had been launched by the Royal Navy in 1710 and captured by France in 1711. She was used as a slave ship by the French and was captured by pirates in 1717.

Blackbeard used the ship for less than a year,[3] but captured numerous prizes using her as his flagship.

This model is fun and easy to assemble. No glue and scissor required.

Perfect learning tool for kids through play and a great gift for the holiday.

Cubicfun is well known for their highly sophisticated design and a highly detailed 3D puzzle of famous landmark architectures from around the world.


Size: 230x55x170mm
Pieces: 24
Weight: 7.5kg
Material: Paper & EPS foam

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