DIY TurboAir

DIY TurboAir

Balloon Powered Cosmic Jet Airplane

Balloon Powered Cosmic Jet Airplane

Rubber Band Powered Propeller Engine

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Making a propeller yacht and a racer, both powered by a simple rubber-band engine. Forget about the batteries, and learn how fully use the materials provided. Rubber, can store energy and release it to generate enough wind power to really MOVE these machines. You'll be surprised by the amount of wind energy created by the spinning propellers to drive the racer on land, and the yacht on water.


  • Keep children away from virtual world of computer games, and to feel the wonderful real world with scientific thinking.
  • To give your children unlimited imagination and make them to be interested in learning.
  • Train the child's thinking ability in every aspect.
  • More intuitive and clearer for kids students to understand the knowledge.


  • Packing size: 24 x 18 x 6 cm
  • Materials: Plastic


1x Rubber Band Powered Propeller Engine

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