QiYi QiDi 2x2 - Black

QiYi QiDi 2x2 - Black

MoYu Cubing Classroom Carbon Fiber 2x2 Cube

MoYu Cubing Classroom Carbon Fiber 2x2 Cube

QiYi QiDi S 2x2 - Stickerless

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The QiYi QiDi S 2 x 2 applied stickerless and frosted design to balance attractive appearance and gripping performance. It is worth noting that QiDi S 2 x 2 pieces and mechanism resemble with Type C Wit Two 2 x 2, However, this caused QiYi S a bit easy to be fragile. QiDi S are lubricated from the factory, it will avoid players' uncomfortable feelings.
Note: The QiYi S 2x2 is made of softer ABS plastic which is different with Type C Wit Two 2 x 2. Please do not force in taking out or inserting corners.


  • High quality

  • Lightweight

  • Top level corner cutting performance

  • Elastic Spring

  • Strong & stable core

  • Stickerless and frosted design  


  • Cube Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 50 mm

  • Product Weight: 67.8 g

  • Material: ABS


1x    QiYi QiDi S 2 x 2 

1x    Cube's manual

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