QiYi MoFangGe Square-1 - Black

QiYi MoFangGe Square-1 - Black

QiYi QiCheng Skewb - White

QiYi QiCheng Skewb - White

QiYi MoFangGe Skewb - Black

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The QiYi Skewb is part of QiYi's MoFangGe series, the QiYi Skewb provided excellent speedsolving performance. Players could enjoy the smooth cornering as it is lubricated in the factory. QiYi Skewb's tension is adjustable, players could base on their preferences and regulate to achieve the best performance. The pack included a hex key tool, which can be used to adjust the tensions of the ball bearings and provided a more precise cubeDefinitely a good choice for you to improve personal skills. 


  • High quality

  • Lightweight

  • Top level corner cutting performance

  • Elastic Spring

  • Strong & stable core


  • Cube Dimensions: 57 x 57 x 57 mm

  • Material: ABS


     1x    QiYi's MoFangGe Skewb

     1x    Cube's manual

     1x    Hex key tool

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