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Polyomino Puzzle (8 Pieces)

Polyomino Puzzle (8 Pieces)


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The Pentomino Puzzle is a classic brainteaser puzzle that offers a truly unique challenge with thousands of solutions. This Pentomino puzzle is made up of 13 pieces.

Pentomino tiling puzzles and games are popular in recreational mathematics. Usually, video games such as Tetris imitations and Rampart consider mirror reflections to be distinct.

A standard pentomino puzzle is to tile a rectangular box with the pentominoes, cover it without overlap and without gaps. Your mission is connecting the puzzle edge-to-edge to fit in the box. You can also try to create different shapes with the 13 pieces.


  • Size: 140x85x17mm

  • Material: Schima Wood

  • Pieces: 13

  • Color: Wood Color


1x    Pentomino Puzzle

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