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The Step

The Spectacle Lock

The Spectacle Lock

Large Sphere

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There is another name, Luban ball. It is a traditional Chinese intellectual toy. According to the legend, these kinds of toys are invented by Luban. Luban Ball can only be opened by using players cleverness and its accurate structure.

In order to disassemble the sphere puzzle, you have to look at each individual piece carefully and notice the differences, which will guide you while assembling in the right order and right position. Wooden puzzle perfect for exercising logical thinking and ideal for brain development. Suitable for all ages from teen to adult. Good for those who like a challenge and stimulation for the brain. Handcrafted from premium organic wood. The Large Sphere is Great for beginners. 


  • Size: 100x100x100mm

  • Material: Beech Wood

  • Pieces: 6

  • Color: Wood Color


1x    The Large Sphere

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