Hanayama Quartet Cast Puzzle - Level 6

Hanayama Quartet Cast Puzzle - Level 6

Hanayama Amour Cast Puzzle - Level 5

Hanayama Amour Cast Puzzle - Level 5

Hanayama Marble Cast Puzzle - Level 5

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Hanayama has been manufacturing games and toys for over 80 years. They're internationally known for their mind bending series of three-dimensional puzzles. Hanayama zinc Zinc puzzles are great assembly/disassembly brain teasers that come in a range of difficulty from 1 to 6.

This puzzle has such a beautiful shape that it could easily be mistaken for a piece of jewelry.

Its surface features extremely unusual cuts; actually, this marble is a puzzle that can be broken up into 4 pieces.

This advanced design is the creation of Bram & Oskar. If you succeed in breaking up the marble, please carefully examine the surface of the sections of each piece. The theme of this puzzle is “Sphere”.


  • High quality craftsmanship

  • Highly entertaining

  • Compact

  • Suitable for ages 6 to 106!

  • Decorative

  • Robust


  • Material: Zinc

  • Pieces: 4

  • Package size : 75 x 119 x 45mm

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