GAN356 AIR - 3X3 White - Standard Version

GAN356 AIR - 3X3 White - Standard Version

GAN Rubik's RSC - 3x3 Black

GAN Rubik's RSC - 3x3 Black

GAN356 AIR - 3X3 Black - Standard Version

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The Gans 356 Air is the latest release from Gans. The Gans 356 Air aims to achieve a very lightweight yet stable feel. Many subtle but important design changes have also been made in the Gans 356 Air, which allows it to be even more stable and lightweight than any of its predecessors.

Additionally, for the Gans 356 Air, Gans has created a patented, color-coded spring elasticity system called the GES (Gans Elasticity System).


  • Complexity to Simpleness, Stability to Harness
  • Upgraded Iron of IPG V3


  • Product size: 5.6cm x 5.6cm x 5.6cm
  • Product Weight: ~73g
  • Materials: ABS


  • 1 x GAN356 AIR Cube
  • Plastic Tuning Tool
  • Normal Bright Sticker (On)
  • GAN-BOX V3
  • GAN's CFOP Tutorial
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