Crystal Blocks - Blue Water Drop

Crystal Blocks - Blue Water Drop

Crystal Blocks - Diamond

Crystal Blocks - Diamond

Crystal Blocks - Blue Diamond

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3D Crystal Blocks or Crystal Puzzles challenges your IQ and patience. The 3D Crystal Puzzle makes it becomes diversified than a flat puzzle, making it more solid and realistic than a wooden puzzle. You can place it at home and office. Some of the items contain LED light which makes a romantic atmosphere. 3D Crystal Puzzles are perfect for gifts to family, friends, and lovers.

Diamond is a colorless and metastable allotrope of carbon, the hardest substance in the nature. A polished diamond are used in high-end jewelry. The high reflection makes diamonds sparkling under the light. The Giant diamonds are often priceless.


  • Beautiful decoration which delights your mind and eyes.
  • Enjoyable to work on, quite challenging.
  • Stimulates brain development.
  • Developing the thinking skill and logic sense.
  • Educational toys for children.


  • Packing size: 18*13.5*4 cm
  • Product size: 6*6.8 cm
  • Piece: 41
  • Materials: Acrylic plastic


1x Crystal Blocks - Blue Diamond and Instruction Manual

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