Bamboo Star

Bamboo Star

Bamboo Knot

Bamboo Knot

Bamboo 6 pieces

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    The six-piece burr also called "Puzzle Knot" or "Chinese Cross", is the most well-known and presumably the oldest of the burr puzzles. This is actually a family of puzzles, all sharing the same finished shape and basic shape of the pieces. This classic 6 pieces interlocking Puzzle is made of bamboo. Consist of 5 cut pieces of different shaped and 1 key puzzle. Taking it apart is only half the battle!Now, reassemble it into the original form. You must assemble the pieces back together in precisely the correct way.Challenge for all ages from teen to adult.Handcrafted from bamboo.Good for those who like a challenge and stimulation for the brain. 


    • Size: 45x45x45mm

    • Material: Bamboo

    • Piece: 6

    • Color: Wood color


    1x Bamboo 6 piece

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