4D MASTER Animal Anatomy - Giraffe

4D MASTER Animal Anatomy - Giraffe

4D MASTER Animal Anatomy - Scorpion

4D MASTER Animal Anatomy - Scorpion

4D MASTER Animal Anatomy - Snail

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Puzzle toys can help on intellectual development while playing. Different kinds of educational toys are effective to children understanding the world. By touching and recognizing each novelty thing, it will stimulate the various sensory reactions of the body. Puzzles are supporting the coordination of body function. For example, Children have to use their brain and hands to build a box of blocks. The coordination of brain, eyes, and hands movement are essential. Children's physical function coordination like hand-feet, hand-eyes, will be trained and established gradually through playing puzzles and educational toys.

4D MASTER is a well-known brand of toy model industry. The series is made of plastic, resin coating and other materials needed. The product is joined by different parts, by various shapes and components. User is required according to a certain order to complete the 3D puzzle. There are differences in each type, so every one of them would be a new challenge.

Snail is a common name loosely applied to shelled gastropods. Snails have considerable human relevance, including as food items, as pests, as vectors of disease, and their shells are used as decorative objects and are incorporated into jewelry. 4D MASTER Vision Animal Anatomy - Snail model consists shell and organs of a Snail. Some of the areas had covered with a transparent shell to shows the interiors. The muscle and shell are removable. There are some organs parts are detachable. The Snail model is well and detailed sculpturing with hand painted. No matter the shell or the interiors are very much like real.



  • Packing size: 375 * 83 * 278 MM
  • Model size: 220 * 160 * 95 MM
  • Pieces: 32 blocks
  • Materials: Plastic


1x    4D MASTER Vision Animal Anatomy - Snail

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