4 Cubes

4 Cubes

The Key Lock

The Key Lock

36 Ways Box

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The 36 ways box is a great wooden brain teaser puzzle owing to his enjoyable solution process.When you try to solve the puzzle, it gives you the sense that you almost discover the solution, but ones again you left with one piece out of the box.This interesting puzzle consists of 6 different wooden pieces containing balls and holes.Try to arrange all the pieces back in the box. But Make no mistake; the balls connected to the pieces are not going to make it easy. A fun puzzle for everyone! Challenge for all ages from teen to adult.Handcrafted from premium organic wood.Good for those who like a challenge and stimulation for the brain.


  • Size: 92x92x65mm

  • Color: Wood Color

  • Material: Schima Wood


1x 36 Way Box

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